Test to define body type

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Test to define body type

According to Tibet medical science human body is an integrated system based on three body types (constitutions) - Mucus, Wind and Bile. The condition of these types defines the state of human health both physical and psychological (state of mind).
Depending on the predominance of one type or another, people are recognized according to their type - Wind man, Bile man, Mucus man.
Each type has its own physical features and traits of character. After finding out your type and on following Tibet medicine recommendations you will be able to prevent a lot of diseases, preserve your health and find longevity.
Before you is the test on defining your body type. You will have to answer the questions from three sections by giving scores for each of your answers:

0-2 - not applicable to me
3-4 - applicable in part
5-6 - applicable in full.

After answering the questions add the scores together for each section.
Should the total score in one of the sections far exceed the total number made in the other sections - then this is your predominant body type (constitution).

For example: Mucus 140. Bile 30, Wind 20.
In this case your body type is Mucus.

If you scored the total which shows the numbers in two sections out of three close enough to each other, then you have combined constitution.
For example: Mucus 90, Bile 120. Wind 20
In this case your constitution is Bile-Mucus with Bile predominance.

Section . Wind constitutions

1. By nature I am active, do every thing quickly
2. My speech is fluent, reactions vigorous
3. I move a lot, cannot stay long in one place or position
4. I am vulnerable, sensitive, can be touchy
5. I like to be in the middle of events, noise doesn’t confuse me at all
6. I tire quickly but recover as fast. It is enough to have a bite, a cup of tea with something sweet, to stay alone for some time, take a nap and so on for me to regain strength.
7. Love to talk, have a dispute and debate.
8. Do not consider bad habits (smoking, alcohol) that harmful
9. I have light and speedy step
10. I am slim, gain weight with difficulty
11. My hands and feet are often cold
12. I am communicative, sociable, my speech is fluent
13. I mix with ease and part with people with the same ease
14. Prefer artistic (creative) occupations to physical labour
15. My mood changes very often: I can be gay and cheerful, can run into depression - both do not last long
16. I am passionate by nature
17. Quite often can be nervous, anxious, can hesitate over trifles
18. Love hot food, feel bad from cold food
19. I do not like winter, late autumn, rain and snow
20. I adore summer and spring, love to spend holidays on seashore and in the sun
21. I have dry skin
22. Ma hair is dry’ and brittle
23. I often catch cold
24. Nervousness and excitability are characteristic for me
25. My sleep is usually troubled
26. I sleep under warm blanket, get warm with difficulty
27. Gastric fermentation occurs quite often, as well as belching
28. I suffer dizziness and headaches, sometimes I have tinnitus
29. My appetite is not permanent, but I usually eat not very much and get filled up rather quickly
30. Burst of energy is often followed by loss of strength; it is easier to engage in small diversified activities than big projects demanding prolonged efforts
31. Neck aches are not unusual for me, as well as lumbago, pain in cervical spine area
32. I earn money quickly, but spend it as quickly
33. My older relatives suffer from heart diseases, nervous disorders, osteochondrosis, neuritis, nervous spasms

Section . Bile contitution

34. I am decisive and energetic, I have a firm character
35. I am quick-witted and skillfully analyze the situation
36. I like exactness and accuracy
37. If I don’t like something I will make a remark
38. I am one that values intellect and not appearance in people
39. I am regarded strong and strong-willed person
40. I am good speaker, people usually listen to what I say
41.I am a cheerful person and not prone to depressions
42.I can easily loose my temper if I see injustice, carelessness, idleness, indifference, stupidity
43. At home or at,work I like to be a leader, manage people with skill
44. I have good appetite, I am a good judge of food and can get pleasure out of it
45. I don’t like burning food, I prefer meat, fried dishes
46. I don’t like hot weather, summer, stuffiness
47. I fall asleep and wake up easily; sleep soundly
48. My hair is greasy, liable to poliosis and hair loss
49. My weight is stable, but I have a small tendency to corpulence
50. I always try to execute purpose
51.I don’t like to miss meals, I feel discomfort about it, nervousness, irritation
52. I make decisions quickly, with confidence and without doubts
53. I always try to have my own way
54. I am critical of myself and others, but I do not like to be remarked upon (commented)
55. If needed I can always give up any bad habit
56. If I take up something, I do it in the best possible way
57. I never catch cold
58. I am prone to food poisoning
59. When I am angry my face becomes red
60. I perspire profusely
61. I sleep under light blanket with open window, I am often hot
62. I have frequent heartburn attacks, bitter taste
63. My hands and feet are hot
64. My skin is hot, prone to itching, allergy
65. My muscles are firm, flexible, body - solid, thickset
66. My older relatives suffer from cholelithiasis, hypertension and heart diseases 

Section . Mucus constitution

1. I am a calm and smooth-tempered, poised person
2. I like to do everything thoroughly and without haste
3. I gain weight quickly and lose it with difficulty
4. I do not like idle chatter, I don’t talk much
5. It is not a problem for me to miss a meal
6. I do not feel hungry in the morning, but often overeat in the evening
7. I don’t like quarrels, conflicts and always try to compromise
8. My sleep is deep and smooth
9. I eat capitally and plenty but without much of an appetite, rather out of habit
10. It is not easy to put me out of temper
11. To feel well I need at least eight hours sleep
12. I am slow to memorize but remember for a long time
13. I like to lay in stock
14. I am very fond of family, friends
15. I can tolerate my relatives’ and co-workers’ whims and displeasure for a long time
16. I feel heavy and sleepy after a meal
17. I do not like noisy crowds and companies, I’m indifferent to alcohol and smoking
18. I am physically strong, can do hard work
19. I move with deliberation, my step is regular and steady
20. I wake up with difficulty and “get off to a slow start”
21. I hate wetness and cold
22. I love hot summer, sun, seashore
23. I am prone to allergies, running nose and bronchitis
24. I have solid, bulky body, big joints
25. I do everything deliberately, in succession, methodically
26. I am fond of working in the garden, I can work till very late
27. My skin is smooth, soft and cool to touch
28. Most of all I love to spend my time on the couch in front of TV with nobody to disturb me, or sit by and watch the fire
29. I like sweets
30. Despite my weight I often feel cold
31. I am given to face and feet oedemas
32. I like peace and quiet
33. My older relatives suffer from obesityjoint diseases, thyroid gland diseases, diabetes and tumors


Поставить точный диагноз, определить заболевание и его причины, назначить эффективное лечение может только квалифицированный врач.

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